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D-603.  WWII German SS Himmler Presentation Dagger. This is one of the presentation daggers given out by Himmler to SS men he felt earned special recognition, such as the SS men that took part in the night of the long knives. The reverse of the blade has an inscription and Himmlers name plus the makers mark for the Eickhorn company of Solingen.  However this dagger has damage to it,  the blade has been re-tipped and the wood handle has a number of chips out of it.  But on the rare side, it has a great condition complete Himmler inscription and a fine readable Himmler signature. The scabbard is a nice condition anodised SS issue.  This presentation dagger has been re-tipped, but it is an original issue of this rare SS Himmler Presentation dagger and is priced accordingly.....- Sold -
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